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Montgomery County Periodontal Associates

Dental Implant Surgery Recovery Timeline

Miles Mason Apr 17, 2019

The oral surgery to place dental implants takes months for full recovery. Here is a healing timeline so patients understand the implant dentistry procedure.

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Laser Gum Contouring for Small Teeth

Miles Mason Mar 17, 2019

If you have teeth that appear small, crown lengthening through laser gum contouring may be the cosmetic treatment option for you. Our dentist discusses the…

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Stages of Gum Disease

Miles Mason Feb 17, 2019

Gum disease has multiple stages. Thankfully, periodontal treatments can control the infection and improve the health and appearance of your smile.

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Gum Disease Statistics

Miles Mason Feb 04, 2019

Gum disease is prevalent in the United States, affecting nearly half of Americans. Dr. Miles Mason discusses gum disease statistics and treatment options.

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Top Ways to Prevent Gum Disease

Miles Mason Dec 20, 2018

Dr. Miles Mason goes over the top ways that his patients can prevent gum disease and preserve oral health.

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Dental Implants for Single vs. Multiple Tooth Replacement

Miles Mason Nov 28, 2018

Dr. Miles Mason discusses dental implants for single vs. multiple tooth replacement for patients with missing teeth.

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Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

Miles Mason Oct 30, 2018

Dr. Miles Mason discusses how gum disease can increase the risk of tooth loss, along with how we can treat these conditions.

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Welcome to our Blog!

Miles Mason Dec 05, 2017

Welcome to our Blog!

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Dr. Mason and his staff have been fantastic.  Dr. Mason has performed periodontal surgery on me twice and always made himself available for after hours care and questions.  The surgical results turned out well and working with his staff has always been a nice experience. 

-Brandon G.
The Woodlands, TX