When to See a Periodontist for a Tooth Extraction

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There are many reasons for having a tooth extraction. Research shows that getting this procedure from a periodontist can be good for your dental health. Knowing when to do this can give you the right solution to your dental problem. Here are the details about when to see a periodontist for a tooth extraction.

When a periodontist can help

Studies reveal that tooth extractions may be in the future if the patient has gum disease. Bacteria can get in between the teeth and gums. This can result in gum infection that can damage the gums. Bleeding and swelling of the gums will develop later.

The infection will then spread to the jawbone. This will then weaken the supportive structures of the teeth. Without proper treatment, the damage will worsen. It can cause the formation of gum pockets. The gums will start to recede as well. Instead of waiting for the tooth to fall out, having a periodontist remove it can stop the spread of infection. This dental care provider can also help the gum tissue heal better.

In some cases, the target tooth may not be easy to pull out. This type of tooth tends to have a strong attachment. Sectioning it must happen first. The periodontist will cut the tooth into smaller pieces and then remove each portion one at a time.

Tooth extraction from a periodontist

A periodontist is a dental care professional who focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of periodontal disease. Clinical studies reveal that it is an advantage to see this provider for a dental extraction. A periodontist can remove the problem tooth while caring for the gums and jawbone. Here are some of the benefits that one can get from getting a tooth extraction from a periodontist:

  • The removal of the tooth will include the repair of the damaged tissue. This can help stop the infection from spreading. The tissue repair can also prevent future tooth loss because the tissue repair stabilizes and protects the remaining teeth. This can even improve the patient’s dental health.
  • Prescribing antibiotics and pain relievers can help with the extraction site’s healing. These medications prevent possible infections as well.

The patient does not need to transfer to another dental care provider. A periodontist can extract the tooth and bring back the patient’s oral health. The patient can save money and time while getting high-quality dental care. Replacing the tooth is possible with this dental care provider. The periodontist will find the ideal form of tooth replacement. This allows the patient to feel better and interact more with other people. It can slow down or even stop the development of complications related to tooth loss. Implanting titanium rods in place of natural dental roots can prevent the jawbone from thinning out. The rods act as the roots. They stimulate the jawbone, signaling the body to send nutrients for tissue repair and regeneration. This can help make dental restorations successful.

  • The patient can get the tooth extraction at the right facility. A periodontist can perform one or two dental extractions at the clinic. This type of dentist can perform extractions at the hospital if the patient needs the removal of 32 teeth.
  • Ensures a painless tooth extraction. A periodontist prioritizes every patient’s comfort. The patient will feel comfortable and relaxed, as well as unaware of the time it takes for the procedure because of the right sedation dentistry method. Local anesthesia will then numb the patient’s mouth before the procedure. This will prevent pain during dental extraction.

Seeing a periodontist for your tooth extraction can improve your dental health

A general dentist can remove a problem tooth. But a periodontist can provide more solutions than a regular tooth extraction. Because of this, you can have better dental health from tooth removal. Finding an experienced periodontist in your area can help resolve the pain and improve your oral health at the same time.

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