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A Trusted Periodontist With a Primary Focus on Optimal Oral Health

Meet Dr. Mason

We have two locations to serve you

The Woodlands

Appointments are available at The Woodlands office on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Schedule your appointment at our Conroe office on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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Meet Dr. Miles A. Mason

Dr. Miles Mason
Dr. Miles A. Mason

Dr. Miles A. Mason is a periodontist with offices in The Woodlands, TX, and Conroe, TX, who has dedicated his practice to helping his patients achieve optimal oral health through comprehensive dental treatments. His specialized training in periodontics and understanding of the latest technology and techniques has provided him with the knowledge and experience to focus on oral health issues and determine how treatment can improve full-body health. With each patient, Dr. Mason strives to present as much information as possible so that patients can understand each of the procedures offered, and can be comfortable and confident about their treatment options. 

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Feel Right at Home at One of Our Warm and Friendly Offices

At our practice, one of our primary priorities is to ensure that our patients experience a warm, friendly, and inviting atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable throughout their visit. Our entire team is committed to staying current on the latest technology and techniques in the field. By staying up-to-date and taking continuing education courses, we hope to expand our knowledge and experience, which can help us better understand which solutions are best for our patients. 

Satisfied Patients

Dr. Mason and his staff are wonderful. He is so kind, thorough, explains things so carefully and shows genuine concern for his patients. I highly recommend him.

-Peggy W.
Conroe, TX

Dr. Mason is extremely informative, compassionate, friendly, kind and courteous. His staff is exceptionally helpful, friendly, courteous and kind as well. They have been wonderful and patient with me and my wife. 

-Vaughn W.
Conroe, TX.

Specialized Treatments

Periodontal Care

We believe that good oral health begins with your gums. By focusing on early prevention and treating ongoing concerns, we can improve the health and look of your gums through advanced techniques and treatments.

Looking to Achieve a Healthier Smile?

Dental Implants

Treating tooth loss or replacing severely damaged teeth with dental implants is the ultimate solution for restoring both the look and feel of your bite and smile. Implants provide unparalleled strength, durability, and support for restorations.

Interested in Dental Implants?

Dental Extractions

Nobody enjoys having their teeth extracted, but with the assistance of advanced technology such as Piezotome, we can safely and comfortably extract teeth to make room for healthier, more beautiful teeth.

Want to Know What to Expect?

Bone Grafting

When tooth loss goes untreated, healthy bone tissue in the jaw can weaken and recede. With a bone grafting treatment, we can minimize bone atrophy, maintain facial support, and improve candidacy for dental implants.

How Can Bone Grafting Save My Smile?

Dental Implants

A dental crown and a dental implant
We offer a number of different type of dental implants, including single tooth replacement. 

We understand how difficult it can be to have missing teeth. Tooth loss can make it uncomfortable or difficult to chew food, eat, or speak clearly. We also understand that patients have various options for treating their tooth loss; however, we believe that dental implants provide the very best option for patients looking to regain full functionality of their bite and to rediscover their smile.

At our practice, we can provide a number of different types of dental implants, ranging from individual placement for a single missing tooth to full arch replacements. We offer oral and IV sedation options, and use the precise methods required to deliver incredible results.

Find Out More About Dental Implants

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Dr. Mason and his staff have been fantastic.  Dr. Mason has performed periodontal surgery on me twice and always made himself available for after hours care and questions.  The surgical results turned out well and working with his staff has always been a nice experience. 

-Brandon G.
The Woodlands, TX