Is a Bone Graft Required for Dental Implants?

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Wanting to know whether or not you need a bone graft before getting dental implants? Great question. The more you are able to understand about any and all dental procedures that are available to you when you are experiencing dental issues, the better able you will be when it comes to making dental decisions that are right for you. As time goes on, more and more dental procedures are becoming available, which means that it is likely that you are going to have choices when needing any dental work performed. By being proactive and understanding all that you can about a certain dental procedure, you are essentially guaranteeing that you always make the right dental decisions for you.

Common questions

What is a bone graft?

A bone graft requires an experienced dental professional to transplant additional bone into a patient's jawbone in order to build it up enough so that it is able to support one or more dental implants. While the bone used in a graft can be taken from another part of the patient’s jawbone or another part of their body, other bone sources are available and can be discussed with the dental professional. After the added bone has healed and it is determined that there is enough jawbone for the dental implant to connect to, the implant process can begin.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a popular tooth replacement option that look and act just like a natural tooth does. The process of inserting an implant into a patient’s jawbone begins when an experienced dental professional surgically inserts a tiny titanium post into the jawbone, which acts as the tooth’s roots. Once the titanium post has healed, it is time to have the false tooth attached, which is personalized for each individual patient so that it easily blends in with the rest of their natural teeth.

Is a bone graft required for dental implants?

Yes, a bone graft is required for dental patients who do not have enough jawbone to support a dental implant. While the thought of this surgical dental process may make someone unsure about whether they really want to get dental implants or not, it is suggested that they make an appointment with a dental professional to learn more before making a final decision. Since everyone is different, some patients may only need a minimal bone graft procedure, making it worth their time to find out more.

Are you currently in need of dental implants?

Are you wanting implants and wondering if a bone graft is required before you are able to get your implants? As you can see by the information above, it is definitely necessary for you to have enough jawbone to fully support any and all implants you would like to have placed in your mouth. In order for you to know for sure whether or not you are in need of a bone graft, you will need to make a dental appointment for a thorough examination. Know that there is no better time than the present to get started on your way to good dental health!

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