Patients who have a bone defect in their jaw as a result of gum disease or tooth loss can see our periodontist for ridge preservation. We restore bone tissue and your appearance at Montgomery County Periodontal Associates when performing this bone grafting treatment. Schedule a visit with Dr. Miles Mason if you want to receive ridge preservation in Conroe, Texas.

Ridge preservation is a type of bone grafting procedure specifically performed in the ridge of the jaw bone. If you have lost a tooth due to periodontal disease or an extraction procedure, then the bone tissue in that area may shrink with time and cause a visible indent to develop. This defect can alter your appearance and may prevent you from receiving an implant. We offer ridge preservation (which can sometimes be performed immediately after an extraction) to restore the lost bone tissue in your jaw.

After numbing your mouth with a local anesthetic, our team will make an incision in your gum tissue to expose the affected area. We then place a bone graft in the indent along your jaw bone’s ridge, suturing your gum tissue together again afterwards. After several months, the graft will fuse with your jaw bone, fully restoring the lost tissue there. If you want us to restore the natural contour of your jaw, then visit us for a ridge preservation procedure.