Bone loss is one of the most severe consequences of gum disease, but Dr. Miles Mason can restore this hard tissue by performing bone regeneration. Our periodontist will use grafts to help your jaw regrow lost bone structure so it can support your teeth. Please schedule an appointment at Montgomery County Periodontal Associates if you need to receive bone regeneration in Conroe, Texas.

One of the most serious effects of periodontal disease is bone loss. When you lose jaw bone tissue as a result of this inflammatory infection, then your teeth lose support and you may not be able to receive dental implants. Your bone cannot renew itself, but we can help it do so with a bone regeneration procedure. Also known as guided tissue regeneration, this treatment can restore the health and strength of your jaw.

We begin this procedure by injecting a local anesthetic so you feel comfortable. We will expose the affected areas by making incisions in your gum tissue, and then we will remove plaque and tartar from these places. After applying the bone grafts, we will place a biocompatible membrane between the bone and gum tissues. This barrier prevents the soft tissues from growing where the new bone should be. After this is completed, we will stitch your gum tissues in place again. Contact our team if you want to learn more about bone regeneration.