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To properly diagnose and treat some periodontal conditions, pathology, or even treatment planning for an implant, your periodontist has to perform a detailed assessment of your teeth and surrounding areas. To ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Miles A. Mason utilizes 3D imaging using CBCT or cone beam computed tomography. For a comprehensive, accurate diagnosis of your dental condition, book an appointment by phone or online at Montgomery County Periodontal Associates, with two convenient locations in The Woodlands and Conroe, Texas.

3D Imaging Q & A

What is 3D imaging?

3D imaging, or CBCT, refers to cone beam computed tomography, a medical imaging technique that gives Dr. Mason a three-dimensional look at your teeth, bones, and soft tissue.

Because this technique produces a highly detailed image, it allows for more accurate evaluation and diagnosis of your oral health. This method differs from traditional CT scans in that the X-ray beam moves around you to capture multiple angles and images.

CBCT also produces less radiation exposure than traditional CT scanning. Montgomery County Periodontal Associates’ in-house 3D imaging allows Dr. Mason to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

When is 3D imaging used?

Dr. Mason uses 3D imaging during the planning process of a number of periodontal procedures. This imaging allows him to get an in-depth perspective of your condition.

When developing your individual treatment plan, Dr. Mason uses 3D imaging to ensure the right steps are taken are based on the structure of your teeth, soft tissue, and jawbone. Some common uses of 3D imaging include:

  • Extraction planing
  • Dental implant planning
  • Assessing bone loss
  • Determining the bone height and sinus proximity
  • Determining tooth structure
  • Detection and Diagnosis of Pathology

X-rays are also an essential part of the treatment and surgical process. 3D imaging is often the first step to developing an individualized treatment plan for your periodontal concerns.

What can I expect from 3D imaging?

During 3D imaging, you are placed in the scanner. The scanner does a complete 360-degree rotation around your head, capturing multiple images. Once completed, these images are combined to give Dr. Mason a comprehensive view of your teeth, gums, and jaw. 3D scanning requires no preparation and can be completed in under a minute.

After your scan is complete, Dr. Mason sits with you to thoroughly discuss his findings and answer any questions you might have. He provides personalized care to each of his patients. Depending on your condition, Dr. Mason recommends the best treatment options for improving the beauty and function of your smile.

To find out how 3D imaging can help map out your next periodontal procedure, book an appointment at Montgomery County Periodontal Associates by phone or online today.