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Do you suffer from periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is a common, yet potentially very serious disease caused by the failure and destruction of your gums. Although there are many different reasons and causes for periodontal disease, treating it begins with always making sure to practice safe and efficient oral health habits.

The first signs may not appear with gum disease until it has rapidly progressed, but there are still many things you should watch for. Look to make sure you do not have excessively red or swollen gums. Always take note of your gum sensitivity to check if they are sore to the touch. When brushing and flossing, look for signs of bleeding. Bad breath that fails to go away could be a sign of gum disease. Check your gums to ensure they do not appear to be receding away from your teeth, and ensure that your teeth are still held in place tightly, with none feeling extra loose or wobbly. Always take notice of any medications that you may be taking that can cause dry mouth symptoms, as dry mouth can increase your risk for gum disease.

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