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If you have a bad habit of putting off your routine dental exam and cleaning at Montgomery County Periodontal Associates, your gums might be at an increased risk of periodontal disease. It tends to occur when hardened tartar develops on your teeth near the gumline. As this continues to happen, the constant bacterial presence can cause inflammation in your periodontal tissues. This can cause your gums to bleed easily and lead to chronic bad breath.

If you continue to procrastinate professional dental care, the symptoms of gingivitis can develop into a more serious periodontal health problem. As the inflammation continues to progress your periodontal tissues can gradually start to pull back from the bases of your teeth.

As this starts to happen, an infection can build up near the roots of your teeth. This condition which is known as periodontitis, can gradually weaken the roots of your teeth. In time, it could even cause a loss of bone structure in the underlying tissues. Treating this level of periodontal infection can require oral surgery like a gingival flap treatment, gingival resection, or a gum graft.

Without professional intervention, the compromised roots of your teeth could start to fail leading to multiple cases of tooth loss. If you are in the Conroe, Texas, area and you have periodontal disease concerns, you should call (936) 756-1669 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Miles Mason or one of the oral care specialists at Montgomery County Periodontal Associates.