When is a Gum Graft Recommended?

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A gum graft is a procedure performed in order to essentially replace gum tissue. The gums play an essential role in the function and health of the teeth and the entire oral cavity. Because of the role that the gums play, it is very important that the gums are healthy and intact at all times. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Infection easily occurs, which can lead to the decay of the gums very quickly, thus resulting in a need for serious attention from a dental professional. Read on to find out more about when gum grafts are recommended. 

Understand when to get a gum graft

Below is a quick overview of when a gum graft is recommended. This information should be reviewed when looking into ways to heal and restore the health of the gums. 

Receded tissue

Gum grafts are used to address receded gums, which looks as though the teeth have become longer and the gums have become shorter. The gums can recede as a result of an infection; however, some people are also just born with teeth that appear longer and gums that appear shorter or thinner. 

Receded tissue can result in thin, short gums that are susceptible to infection, irritation, and even injury. Thankfully, gum grafts can address this problem. 

Gum disease

Gum disease on any level can become quite serious pretty quickly. While a mild or even moderate case of gum disease will not require a gum graft off the bat, severe cases may. A severe case of gum disease is referred to as a periodontal disease, which is the most extreme type of infection that can occur beneath the soft tissues. Periodontal disease often presents itself through the gums receding, which can be uncomfortable and unappealing. 

When the gums become severely receded, a gum graft is very necessary to combat the results. Depending on the severity of the infection, it may require multiple procedures. However, the dental professional will work to get it done in as few procedures as possible, as it does require oral surgery. 

Cosmetic purposes

Some people are born with gums that are not very appealing, which may not be a result of bad oral hygiene or gum disease. Unfortunately, there are not any at-home remedies or non-invasive ways to address receded gums. Instead, it is usually advised to undergo a gum graft. 

A gum graft can address cosmetic concerns such as receded gums in just one procedure. This can significantly help individuals who are struggling with their appearance or the confidence to show off their smiles. 

Find out more about gum grafts

Suffering from gum disease or a cosmetic issue? Consulting with a dental professional is the best place to start. A consultation can be performed in order to determine what type of treatment is required, whether a graft or deep cleaning. Additionally, those suffering can ask questions and go over any concerns. To learn more about gum grafts and what they can be used for, reach out today!

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