Reasons Why a Gum Grafting Procedure May Be Recommended for You

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Gum grafting is an oral surgery that involves the removal of soft tissue from one part of the oral cavity or body. The soft tissue is then transferred to the gum lines, whether it be the top or bottom. Gum grafting is necessary for a few different reasons. Continue reading to find out more about each. 

Why is a gum grafting procedure necessary?

Outlined below are a few reasons why an oral surgeon may recommend a gum grafting procedure. Review this information to have a better understanding of the purpose of the procedure.

Treatment for gum recession

Gum recession is one of the most common results that occur from periodontitis or gum disease. When the gums are too infected, they can start to recede, causing them to pull back away from the teeth and almost shrink. The result is longer-looking teeth and a small gum line. While this can impose complications on one's appearance, it is also extremely dangerous for the health of the mouth. When the teeth are too exposed, there is a risk of damage, sensitivity, and further infection. 

Gum grafting will add tissue back to the gum line making it so that the teeth are protected once again. This also reduces the risk that the roots and nerves will become affected. However, if gum grafting is required due to infection, it is up to the patient to maintain good gum health after the procedure is complete. 

Cosmetic purposes

In some cases, gum grafting may be recommended to individuals who never suffered from gum disease. Instead, sometimes, genetics causes poor gum shape, which can result in a need to undergo grafting or other oral surgeries. In the case of grafting, it is typically recommended when too much of the teeth are exposed and not enough gum tissue is present. Having grafting done on the gums can help improve the appearance and boost confidence, which can be helpful to those who have suffered from the way their gums appear. 

What else to know

When it comes to gum grafting, it is important to understand that the procedure does require oral surgery. Although this may induce anxiety and fear, rest assured that the current dental technology allows for seamless procedures to be performed. Additionally, oral surgeons undergo extensive training to learn how to properly perform gum grafting with little to no pain. Of course, after the fact, there may be soreness and sensitivity. However, this is completely normal and can be remedied with medications. 

Talk to an oral surgeon

An oral surgeon is a great resource to utilize when curious about gum grafting. A consultation appointment will allow for any questions or concerns to be appropriately addressed. Additionally, the oral surgeon can explain how gum grafting works to help set expectations and reduce any anxieties. To learn more about gum grafting and when it is necessary, reach out today. Additionally, a consultation appointment can be scheduled. 

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