Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Implants from a Periodontist

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Periodontists specialize in periodontal health, which includes the gums and underlying jawbone that supports teeth and dental implants. Many periodontists offer dental implants, and they can provide a great experience for patients who are interested in replacing one or more teeth with dental implants.

Why you should consider dental implants from a periodontist

Dental implants from a periodontist may be right for you if you want a dental professional who specializes in the supporting structures of teeth and understands how dental implants are supported by the jawbone. This review discusses the benefits of visiting a periodontist for dental implants rather than another dental professional.

What is a periodontist?

A periodontist can perform a number of procedures related to oral health. However, most focus on two treatments, which are periodontal (gum) disease treatment and dental implants. Periodontists are licensed dental professionals who undergo additional training to specialize in periodontal health. Since dental implant treatment involves fixing each implant into the jawbone, periodontists are among the most qualified to ensure a safe and effective process for patients.

The benefits of dental implants from a periodontist

Dental implants are a complex process that requires a minor surgical procedure to place the implants, followed by aftercare and placing the abutments and restoration(s). A periodontist understands and specializes in the supporting structures of teeth, and they are likely to detect any concerns before, during, or after treatment that could otherwise go unnoticed. When choosing a periodontist for dental implants, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality care possible to help ensure a safe and effective procedure.

Periodontist vs. other dental professionals for dental implants

Most types of dental professionals are able to offer dental implants. However, periodontists focus on implant treatment more than other dental professions. For example, a general dentist might insert dental implants, but they are likely to offer a range of other services as well. Periodontists typically offer fewer services so that they can improve the experiences for the services they do provide.

What to expect during the dental implant process

Periodontists help patients through the entire treatment process with dental implants, from answering questions during a consultation to providing follow-up care after treatment is complete. A periodontist can either perform the dental implant placement procedure or refer the patient to a qualified and experienced dental surgeon.

How the recovery process works

It can take a week or more for the mouth to heal after receiving dental implants. After the mouth heals and the implant is properly osseointegrated with the jawbone, the second placement procedure for the abutment and replacement teeth can be scheduled, which is relatively non-invasive.

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