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Dental Implants for Single vs. Multiple Tooth Replacement

Two dental implant posts side by sideWhether you are missing one tooth or several, dental implant-supported restorations can complete your smile. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically inserted into the jaw. A dental restoration is then attached to the implant.

Dr. Miles Mason can place dental implants and attach a dental crown if you are missing one tooth, or bridge or denture if you are missing more than one tooth. To learn more about dental implants for single vs. multiple tooth replacement, read on.

A Closer Look at Dental Implants

In preparation for your surgery, detailed images are taken of your oral structure. This well help your surgeon find the strongest areas of bone mass and ensure that your implants do not impede on the sinus cavities.

On the day of your surgery, your dentist will numb your gums and jawbone, and you may receive sedation. One or more small incisions will be made in the soft tissues, through which your implants will be placed. When all posts are affixed in place, your gum tissue will be closed.

After your recovery, about four to six months later, the abutment pieces, the attachment pieces between the posts and the restoration, are placed.

Another two weeks or so after that, your restorations will be attached to the implants.

Dental Crowns: Single Tooth Restorations

One implant, topped with a dental crown, can be a great way to replace a single missing tooth. Traditionally, a dental bridge filled a gap in the smile.

Dental implant-retained crowns are considered superior to a traditional bridge in a few important ways:

  1. Placing a bridge requires alterations to the teeth adjacent to the gap in the smile. On the other hand, implants do not require making alterations to your healthy teeth.
  2. Because they are implanted in the jaw, implant-retained crowns are more stable than traditional bridges.
  3. Implants prevent bone recession, a common side effect of long-term tooth loss. In doing so, implants reduce your risk for bite imbalance and side effects associated with TMJ disorder.

Bridges and Dentures: Multiple Tooth Implants

If you are missing two or more consecutive teeth, a dental implant-supported bridge or denture can benefit you. Implant-supported bridges replace adjacent missing teeth, while an implant-supported denture replaces a full row of teeth.

An implant-supported bridge will require two or more implants, while a denture typically needs four or more posts for support.

As with implant-supported crowns, implant-supported bridges and dentures boast a number of benefits over traditional bridges and dentures. They are more stable and look and feel more realistic. They also halt the deterioration of jaw bone for preserved oral health and facial structure.

Additionally, implant-supported dentures are superior to traditional dentures in that they are more stable. Patients need not worry about their artificial teeth slipping out of place while they eat, speak or laugh. This represents a significant confidence builder for many denture wearers.

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Learn more about dental implants for one or more missing teeth and how this approach to tooth replacement can improve your oral health and smile. Make your appointment today by filling out our online messaging form. You can also call our Woodlands office at (281) 363-2009 or our Conroe office at (936) 756-1669.

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Dr. Mason and his staff have been fantastic.  Dr. Mason has performed periodontal surgery on me twice and always made himself available for after hours care and questions.  The surgical results turned out well and working with his staff has always been a nice experience. 

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